Bespoke Modular Solutions (BMS) provide a new level of modular and prefabricated turnkey solutions in innovative real estate development, hospitality, and private residency. We work with international and local experts that fully understand the region's cultural and geographical sensitivities to provide a complete end to end solution. Our designers and engineers have worked with some of the most renowned European companies in modular design/construction and hotel operations. Our company value is inspired by the idea of building a better future for the next generation by implementing cutting edge designs, sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials. We are proud to say that we are pioneers of modular construction in the Middle East region and strive to provide you with an upstanding final product in a reduced time.

Bespoke Modular Solutions

What We Do

Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction company in Dubai

Reduced Construction Schedule

●   The modular assembly process and the on-site construction occur simultaneously resulting in the process being 30-50% less time consuming than the traditional construction process.

Modular construction company in Dubai

Cost effective

●   Modular construction allows for construction to occur with minimal waste, reduced, flexible payment options and reduced on site production making the entire process more cost effective

Modular construction company in Dubai

High degree of flexibility

●   As a result of the bespoke design process, modular buildings are extremely flexible and can be created to fit your requirements in terms of space utilization, purpose of use and overall design.

Modular construction company in Dubai

Increased Sustainability

●   Not only does the process utilize eco-friendly and re-usable material. By constructing off site, less waste is produced and and greenhouse gas emissions can be cut by 30% ensuring a sustainable production process from start to finish.

Modular construction company in Dubai

Durable materials

●   To ensure long term durability, the modular process utilizes robust building materials that aid in sound insulation, fire proofing and energy preservation. All to ensure that your desired structure is built to last.

Modular construction company in Dubai

Proven quality assurance

●   Construction occurs in a controlled environment where thorough inspections are carried out during the entire process to ensure each project matches in terms of high standards and quality.

"Marveling in Modular Construction" Jamal Wick Co-Founder and Managing Director interviewed by Khaleej Times."